Memo's Breakfast Blend comes in ground and whole bean coffee options. - Fundraiser
Guillermo Velasquez, youngest of Maximo Velasquez’s and Natalia Rodriguez’s children, he is the Minneapolis side of Velasquez Family Coffee. He and his wife, Cathy, manage the roasting and distribution of the coffee in the US. - Fundraiser
Our breakfast blend coffee is Memo's favorite and one of our more popular fundraiser coffees. Half dark roast and half medium roast coffee, it is the perfect blend of richness and the right amount of pick me up in the morning.
Have you been looking for molasses or graham cracker coffee? Then try our Memo's breakfast blend coffee. memo's Blend is available in our fundraising section.
Our ground and whole bean breakfast blend coffee comes in bulk 5 lb bags and is available in our fundraiser section.

Memo's Breakfast Blend Coffee (blend of light & dark) - Fundraiser

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Our darkest and lightest roasts combine to provide the perfect balance of smoky richness with bright notes of molasses and graham cracker. Named for Guillermo “Memo” Velasquez, youngest of Maximo Velasquez’s and Natalia Rodriguez’s  children. Residing in St. Paul, Guillermo and his wife Cathy are the Minnesota connection to the Honduran family farms.

Available ground and whole bean in 12 oz or 5 lb bulk bags.