About Us


Comayagua, Honduras, is home to our growers.

The cloud forest has provided livelihood for generations of the Velasquez family. Maximo and Natalia instilled in their 8 children respect for the abundant beauty that surrounds them, passion for the fruits of hard work, and a drive for continued education. Following their example, our family is dedicated to growing quality coffee beans while protecting and restoring the natural mountain ecosystem for generations to come.

St. Paul, Minnesota, is home to Guillermo & Cathy Velasquez.

Some 30 years ago, while visiting an aunt in Florida, Guillermo stepped in to help a young woman wrestling to start an old lawnmower. Cathy Eberhart had just arrived from South Dakota for a two-year volunteer assignment through the United Methodist Church. Fortunately, love requires no translator – though communication during their first dates necessitated a handy English-to-Spanish dictionary.

Her assignment complete, Guillermo and Cathy married and settled in the Twin Cities. Both graduated from the University of Minnesota – he with a degree in animal and plant systems, and she with a master’s in public affairs from the Humphrey Institute. Upon graduation in 1998 Guillermo started in crop research at the U, and continues that work today.

In 2001, they began importing premium coffee beans directly from family farms in Honduras, roasting them here, and delivering packages to the doors of neighbors and friends. Velasquez Family Coffee was born – bringing coffee from high in the Honduran cloud forest directly to the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Tour the family farm with Avilio, Guillermo’s brother.

(There is a great story behind how we got this beautiful video and the lovely couple who made it for us. You can read more about it here and here.)

Cultivating family. And coffee.

Importing coffee to Minnesota helps ensure our family in Honduras a livable income and supports their efforts to protect and enhance the precious cloud forest where they farm. The Velasquez Family name is guarantee that the coffee you serve your family is high quality and sustainably produced.


Growing coffee beneath the natural forest canopy helps maintain a balanced ecosystem, preserving habitat for migratory birds while requiring little or no pesticides or herbicides. Shade trees also protect the soil, retaining moisture while minimizing erosion.


It’s more labor-intensive, but picking by hand ensures only the fully-ripened beans are harvested. The result is higher quality and better flavor for your enjoyment.


Sun-drying fresh beans takes longer – 3 to 6 weeks – but the process seals in natural sugars and flavor, resulting in more fruity, full-bodied brews.


We take fair trade personally. The people who benefit are our parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters. Direct from our farms in Comayagua, we feel fortunate to deliver right to your family’s doorstep.


Velasquez Family beans are carefully roasted in small batches right here in Minnesota. Orders are hand-delivered free to most homes and businesses in the Twin Cities on the second Friday of the month. For those outside of our delivery zone, we’ll ship direct to you for the nominal cost of postage.

A subscription ensures a fresh monthly supply of your favorite Honduran coffee roast, blend or flavor. Or we’re happy to fill individual orders as well.