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About Us

Velasquez Family Coffee was started by Guillermo and Cathy Velasquez to sell the high quality coffee grown by our family and friends in the mountains of Honduras. This ensures them a livable income and supports their effort to protect and enhance the precious cloud forest ecosystem where they farm. Velasquez Family Coffee has been featured in the Minneapolis Star TribuneThe Twin Cities Daily Planet and The University of Minnesota's Brief. We were also honored to be one of 14 finalists in the Neighborhood Development Center's 2012 Annual Awards banquet. 

Download a copy of our beautiful new flyer or watch our amazing new video from the coffee farm to learn more.

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As our coffee label states, Velasquez Family Coffee is


Velasquez Family Coffee is great for your everyday cup of coffee or for those special gifts. Our customers tell us that our coffee is some of the best they have tasted. We believe this is the case for several reasons. First, because our farms are small, our coffee is harvested by hand and sun dried with close attention to quality. Secondly, it is freshly roasted in small batches here in Minnesota by a master roaster. You can also feel good knowing that the coffee in your cup was grown using environmentally friendly practices and that the farmers were fairly compensated for their hard work.


Velasquez Family coffee is carefully grown on the small farms of various members of the Velasquez family in the National Mountains of Comayagua in Honduras who do their best to farm in environmentally friendly ways to protect the precious cloud forest ecosystem where they farm. For example, they plant coffee in terraces and maintain green ground cover between the coffee plants to conserve soil. Coffee berry pulp is composted and managed to prevent water contamination from its high sugar content. To provide bird habitat and protect the water making capacity of the cloud forest, they preserve old shade trees and plant new trees whenever possible. Learn more about the benefits of Shade Grown Coffee here.


Coffee prices on the open market fluctuate widely, and are often even below the costs of production. Our coffee sales here in Minnesota and around the United States provide an important source of income, making it possible for the Velasquez Family to continue farming. All profits remain in the family.


We've been fortunate to be able to travel to Honduras almost annually over the past 20+ years. Since many aspects of those trips are the same from year to year, we've put together a detailed description of what our typical trip is like and you can read it here.

The mountain community of Rio Negro where the original Velasquez Family Farm is located is working hard to develop its tourism potential. Read more about opportunities to travel to Rio Negro yourself here.


Please receive this warm thank you message from Guillermo's brother Avilio.

"Gracias hermano por apoyarnos. Feliz ano nuevo y prosperidad. En estos dias estamos sacando los mejores frutos de cafe para mandartelos. Y gracias a toda la gente que nos compra."

And again in English -- "Thank you brother for supporting us. Happy New Year and prosperity. These days we are harvesting the best coffee fruits to send to you. And thank you to all of the people who are buying from us."