If you like a dark French roast coffee, then you will love Maximo's French Roast. It's our best seller at Velasquez Family Coffee.
Maximo Velasquez is the patriarch of Velasquez Family Coffee. The Honduras family coffee farm raises shade grown coffee that is fair trade.
Our darkest roast, Maximo's French Roast is named for the patriarch of Velasquez Family Coffee.
Maximo's French Dark Roast Coffee is available in 5 lb bags. For coffee lovers or offices this size coffee bag gives you the best value.
French Dark Roast Coffee is the strongest roast of shade grown coffee offered.

Maximo's French Roast Coffee (dark)

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Our darkest roast is the preferred brew of its namesake, Maximo Velasquez. His father-in-law, Coronado Rodriguez, not only blessed Maximo with the hand of the lovely Natalia, he also taught him to grow the coffee which continues to provide for generations of the Velasquez clan. Now in his 90s, Maximo is still with his bride, and still passionate about coffee.

Available ground and whole bean and in 12 oz and 5 lb bulk bags.

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