Our shade grown Honduran small family farm coffee comes in ground and whole bean 12 ounce bags.
Alonzo Contreras and Alma Sagrario Velasquez are part of proud family grown Hoduran Coffee farm.
Alma's light roast Hoduran coffee has a sweet aroma and is available in ground and whole bean.
Alma's Full City Roast Coffee is a sweet aroma, lightly roasted Honduran coffee.
Our 5 pound bag of Alma's Full City Light Roast Coffee is gently roasted to provide a sweet aroma.

Alma's Full City Roast Coffee (light)

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Our lightest variety is gently roasted to preserve our Honduran beans’ naturally complex earthy flavors and sweet aromas. One of Maximo Velasquez’s and Natalia Rodriguez’s 4 daughters, Alma Sagragio Velasquez is an economics professor at the University of Comayagua. Her husband Alonzo Contreras grows some of our great tasting coffee.

Available ground and whole bean and in 12 oz and 5 lb bulk bags.