Keeping you Caffeinated during the Pandemic

Keeping you Caffeinated during the Pandemic


We've always felt that coffee was essential. Since you are on our coffee website, you probably feel the same. But it is reassuring that during this Covid-19 Pandemic the government has made it official as food and beverage businesses have been declared part of the "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce" and are exempt from stay at home orders like the one going into effect here in Minnesota. That means, we should be able to continue to mail and deliver coffee much the way we usually do. Of course, we're being safe and doing all of the recommended sanitation and disinfection practices and so is our roaster. And we will continue to monitor any updates and guidance from the state of Minnesota. We're fortunate in that we've always run the administrative part of our business from home. (We were #StayAtHome before it was cool!)  Our roasted coffee is stored in a small storage room within walking distance of our house that gets NO public traffic other than our family. That's also where the mail carrier picks up our mail orders so we don't need to visit the post office.

So, we still expect to be able to do our Twin Cities delivery route in two weeks on Friday, April 10th. (Look for our usual April newsletter next week). Mail orders are going out almost daily.


More than likely, given the extraordinary circumstances, there have been changes in your coffee drinking situation. Perhaps you and other family members are working from home now and drinking more coffee. Or maybe you were getting coffee at your office or church which is now closed and you need to pause your order, or change the delivery location. If you already know how all this will impact your April order, feel free to let us know now, by shooting us a quick email. We'll remind you again next week. We just need to know for sure before Tuesday, April 7th.

Me voy pa´la Montaña -- I'm going to the Mountains!

We hope you are staying home, staying safe and staying well!
Enjoy this music video recently filmed on our family's coffee farm in Rio Negro Honduras! It features the family's dogs and the musicians drinking Velasquez Family coffee while enjoying the healthy green refuge of the mountains.