Velasquez Family Coffee
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Coffee Descriptions


All of our Coffee is available whole bean or ground in airtight resealable bags.

12 oz bags - $10.00
8 oz bags (flavored coffee only) - $7.50
5 pound bulk bags (regular & decaf coffee) - $55.00
5 pound bulk bags (flavors - by special order only) - $55.00

Contact us for information about our wholesale prices if you would like to buy in quantity for resell or for your group's fundraiser.

We offer four roasts:

  • Alma’s Full City Roast (light) - a full bodied coffee gently roasted to bring out the complex flavors of the bean
  • Vienna Roast (medium) - Dark brown with small amounts of oil on the bean's surface, light roast flavor.
  • Memo’s Breakfast Blend - a careful blend of our light and dark roasts that balances the lovely flavors of the bean with the dark richness of the French Roast.
  • Maximo’s French Roast (dark) - a very dark roast that brings the natural oil of the coffee to the surface and provides a smoky full-bodied flavor.
Our coffee is also available in several flavors packaged in 8 oz bags for $7.50. All of our flavors start with a lightly roasted Full City base coffee and then are flavored with premium quality, natural flavorings. Our regular flavors include:
  • Almond Amaretto - a classic blend of mild cherry and the rich flavor of toasted almonds
  • African Cinnamon - gourmet African Cinnamon
  • Caribbean Hazelnut - the rich nutty taste of gourmet Hazelnut
  • Dutch Chocolate - sharp, dark chocolate flavor
  • French Vanilla - warm tasting gourmet vanilla
  • Irish Cream - light refreshing, gourmet Irish Cream
If your favorite flavor isn't listed above, let us know, we can probably add it. Our roaster offers an amazing selection. Additional holiday flavors are offered seasonally.

We offer a full flavored decaffeinated coffee grown by coffee farmers in Costa Rica (Because we aren't at a quantity where it makes sense to decaffeinate our own coffee, we purchase our decaf coffee from our roaster). Available ground and whole bean and in light and dark roast.