Recent Coffee News

July 2014 Coffee News

-Honduran Futbol!!
-Children at the Border
-Celebrating Immigrants
-Coffee Tasting July 19

July 2014 Coffee News

June 2014 Coffee News

-Ancient Giants
-In Celebration of Trees
-Climate Action - Stop Deforestation

June 2014 Coffee News

May 2014 Coffee News

-Coffee Flavor Profiles
-Coffee Proces Slideshow
-Climate Action - Watch TV and Surf the Web

May Coffee Newsletter

April 2014 Coffee News

-Global Coffee Prices Surge
-Velasquez Family Price report
-Climate Action on Tar Sands

April Coffee Newsletter

March 2014 Coffee News

-Honduran Comfort Foods
-"Meat of the Vine" (recipe for beans)
-Fun Food events
-Climate Action

March Coffee Newsletter

February 2014 Coffee News

-Mountain Taxi
-Photo Slide Show of Honduras Trip
-Climate Action - Solar Opportunities

February Coffee Newsletter

January 2014 Coffee News

-News from Honduras
-Climate Action - Renewable Energy
-Cancer Center Fundraiser
-Holiday Flavors

December 2013 Coffee News

-Honduran Election
-Tipping Green
-Climate Action - The Great Turning
-Holiday Flavors
-Coffee Gift Ideas

November 2013 Coffee News

-Mountain Roads
-Making the Road While Walking
-Climate Action - Building Resilience
-2013 Holiday Flavor Winners

October 2013 Coffee News

-The Art of Conversation
-A Transforming Economy
-Climate Action - Reclaiming Our Democracy
-2013 Holiday Flavor Vote


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